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Imagine being pampered at a luxurious resort and waking up each morning to a brand new, stunning view of the world. That's just what it's like on a Princess cruise. Our well-appointed ships boast all the amenities you'd expect from a land-based vacation and more, including many choices of restaurants and live entertainment.

Prepare yourself for an amazing experience packed with delectable food, fun-filled activities, lavish entertainment, pampering service, exciting new places, and most of all -- FUN! Enchanting destinations and pampering service. Staterooms that are 50% larger, on average, than competing cruise lines. An abundance of casual and fine dining options. First-class Vegas-style shows, live music, gambling, and more.

With Freestyle Cruising, youíll discover something you wonít find on other cruise lines Ė freedom. Freestyle Cruising offers diverse and exciting restaurants, a more relaxed dress code and more things to see and do. And thatís just the beginning. Weíve designed the entire cruise experience around giving you the option to choose. Itís proven to be very popular with our guests, and itís only available with NCL. Now is the time to come see how different a cruise can be.

Okay, so you probably have a rough idea of what you think cruising is all about. But be prepared, because we constantly hear from our first-time cruisers that they're totally surprised once they get onboard. Our cruise ships are some of the most innovative in the industry - they're bigger and brighter, with a lot more open spaces and private balconies. Our onboard and shoreside activities appeal to everyone from the rock climber, to the sun worshiper.

Celebrity Cruises is the world's top-rated premium cruise line with a taste of luxury, appealing to savvy travelers, age 35-55, with a household income of $75,000+. Celebrity tends to attract experienced cruisers who appreciate quality and desire a vacation experience that offers multiple opportunities for rejuvenation, enrichment and connections with friends, family and fellow guests.








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