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Business Travel

Each year more and more Corporate Travel Planners are discovering the financial benefits of holding business meetings and events at sea.

 Whether the event is an incentive for top producing sales people or a “thank you” for the most loyal customers, a cruise is an excellent choice. More of the basic travel costs are covered in a cruise rate than in a typical land vacation and there are a myriad of cruise options to choose from in terms of length, departure ports, types of accommodations, etc.

 Most newer ships of all sizes have facilities and equipment available to accommodate any size group from 20 to hundreds of occupants in a variety of venues on board.

 In addition, while the actual group is meeting, spouses and other travel companions will have many activities to choose from during their free time. Depending upon the needs and desires of the group, private cocktail parties and group dinners can be arranged with extras such as ice sculptures and entertainment.

 The most important decision facing a Corporate Travel Planner when considering a cruise venue for a meeting or incentive is choosing the ship that best fits the needs of all involved. Cruise With Us Now’s experienced staff will assist you in making certain that all criteria such as budget, accommodations, meeting space, group activities and more, are all adequately addressed.

 If you’d like more information, or to speak with one of our specialists about your particular needs, please call us at 866.869.2800.

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